Monday, July 25, 2011

Master Bathroom Makeover

Happy Monday Nuggets! Remember way back when, when I mentioned that I was redoing our master bathroom? No? Well suffice to say that project came and went I just realized I never shared it with you. Pretty horrible of me I know but to kick off this week I thought I'd make amends. It's the least I can do. 

This was what the master bathroom looked like before. I'm afraid I didn't take any proper "before" shots of the apartment - in my crazed need for color I randomly grabbed whatever shade of blue made me happy on the day. Looking at it now it kinda reminds me of a color you'd paint a nursery, or 5 year old boy's room.

Either way it was miles better than the original beige colored walls that were here when we moved in, though to be fair, it's still miles from where it needed to be. Everything was sort of cobbled together in a failed attempt at a cohesive look or feel that neither worked in the room alone, or as a part of the bedroom.

Since this would be the second time I'd be painting the room, I wanted to make sure that it actually flowed from the bedroom and worked with the rest of the space while keeping costs as minimal as possible.

Once I decided on a color scheme that would work with bedroom along with the towels and linen I already had, I made only a few minor changes. I switched out the rubbish bin along with the baskets for our toiletries (as bathroom storage doesn't seem exist here in Ireland).

The soap dispenser was found on sale for a few euros at T.K. Maxx, while the little "sugar" holder was found for only .50 cents at a charity shop. The sea shells were collected from the beaches in Florida and the woven balls had been used in a different room (originally from IKEA a year or so ago). I distressed the frame I had to give it a more weathered look and replaced the print with an old vintage map of Ireland I found on ebay for 8 euros.

The wooden mirror I actually had stashed in the back of a closet for a future project and had completely forgotten about it. It wasn't until S. Monster accidentally knocked over and broke the old mirror, causing a need for a new one, that I even remembered it. Talk about a happy accident! The mirror has a wonderful nautical feel that reminds me of a porthole on a ship and I think added the perfect finishing touch.

Personally, I adore how the bathroom came out. The color used on the walls is a gorgeous deep teal that seems to change from blue to green depending on the light. As this was the first time I'd used such a bold jewel tone I admit I was a bit nervous but am completely in love with it turned out. The depth and richness of the walls are only accentuated from the various textures used. I think it all comes together to create this feeling of being out at sea, as if everyday is filled with infinite possibilities. Who says design can't inject a little fun and adventure into your day?

It took roughly only 3 days and 60 euros to transform the bathroom which in my mind is only further proof that great design doesn't have to cost a lot!

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