Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Travel} Biking Along the Danube

On our last day in Vienna J and I joined a bike and wine tour that picked us up from our humble hostel abode and along with 14 other wine tasting participants drove an hour outside the city to quaint towns lazily stretched along the Danube River. Where Vienna might have failed to impress, the Austrian countryside did not.

We spent the day peddling our way from vineyard to vineyard and along the way made new friends,  explored enchanting environs , consumed copious amounts of sweet white wine and climbed to the ruins of a castle where Richard the Lion Heart was once imprisoned.

It was an meanderingly fun day spent in the countryside amoung lovely company... aside from the one fellow who somehow lost his pants (I kid you not). If you're ever in that area, I highly recommend checking out Vienna Explorer Tours for a good time.

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