Monday, February 28, 2011

Taking Flight

It's hard to believe it's almost March of 2011. Time has literally flown by - so much has happened already this year and yet there is so much still to be done!

In the past few months my writing, believe it or not, has increased. However, that doesn't actually include posting said writing online.....nevertheless,  I'd like to rectify that right here and now if you don't mind.

Even though this is a few months late,  I'd like to share my recap of 2010 and muses on 2011 thus far.

2010 was a good year, from pub crawls to fantastic concerts, underground art exhibitions to fun filled fringe shows. It was also challenging at times - there were breakdowns and breakthroughs; learning to let go while simitansiouly trying to obtain a semblence of closure on the past. It involved cutting ties with those friendships that were more draining than empowering.  It saw the first whispers of my hearts yearning emerge and develop into a defening roar that could no longer be ignored. It involved discovering and developing my passions and embracing my fears. It involved learning how to forgive myself as well as those who had hurt me. It saw me redefine what it means to be "me" and discover what it is I want to do. It found me finally accepting Dublin as my home rather than a temporary situation. It saw new friendships develop and old ones deepen. It took me to London and Malta; On a road trip that started in Seville, Spain wound our way through the southern coast of Portuqual and ended in Lisbon. It saw us on a Mediterranean cruise with our parents followed by road trip across the West of Ireland with just my parents and I. Finally, 2010  saw us home with our families for the holidays for the first time in 2 years.

At the stroke of midnight though, in those few moments where 2010 was ending and 2011 beginning, I began to cry. Not a single discreet tear mind you, no instead a torrid stream of tears ran out of my heart and down my face. I cried for all the hardships faced and overcame. For all the discoveries made and progress achieved. I cried for the overwhelming gratitude I felt towards S. Monster, my parents and friends, from the realization of how blessed I am and how awe inspiring the Universe is.  I cried because perhaps I had consumed a few too many glasses of wine....

But you know what? 2011 is currently rocking my world - hard. It is exhilerating, nerve racking and terrifying. It is humbling and grandiose; filled with warped speed and quiet moments. So far this year has seen me go to Argentina and New York to visit friends and India for a wedding. An art retreat in England, a 3 week backpacking trip in Eastern Europe, trips to Italy to visit my sister, a concert in Amsterdam and another wedding in South Africa are all currently planned. I intend to sell my first pieces of artwork, to create a thriving and successful furniture business (more on that later), and to redevelop skills that have long been forgotten.

This is the year of taking flight and I don't know about you, but I can not wait to see what adventures are in store!
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