Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Paddy's Day!

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May your day be filled with laughter, music and Guinness (or Jameson). S Monster and I will be braving  Temple Bar this evening with friends for a Paddy's Day 80s night at The Mezz. It could be awful, or it could be awesome. I'm hoping it's awesomely awful. If you're lucky (read: I don't get drunk too early) I'll remember to take (and maybe even post!) photos. Either way, good times will abound! 

Here's a lil something to get you in the festive Irish mood wherever you may be. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{B is for} "Barbarella's Bodacious Buxomness"

If Dave Crosland's sci-fi alphabet had been around when I was in school, I feel things would have turned out a lot different....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Goodbye week, Hello weekend!

This week's been particularly rough and I am definitely looking forward to a much needed 2 day break. S. Monster and I's initial road trip plan got nixed after we both got sick, so our revised plan is simply to relax. Maybe a lil painting and brunch. A day trip to the coast if the weather (ever) warms up perhaps. Who knows? We may even be productive and paint the bathroom or go get a new trash can.

Tonight though we'll be getting our nerd on. Him on his new obsession Torchlight  and me kicking the final boss's ass on Donkey Kong Country Returns for the wii. Victory will be mine!

I know we're probably impossible to top, but what are you up to this weekend? Got any exciting and fun filled plans?


Holy Sexy Geeky Girls Batman!

Geek girls are hot. Sexy geek girls are even hotter. Sexy geek girls who after pulling off a massive Sailor Moon cosplay extravaganza at Comic-con 2010, decide to write/ produce/ star in hilarious online shorts and call themselves Team Unicorn are Lengen....wait for it...DARY! *Nerd high five for those who get that reference!* 

Team Unicorn are the vixen masterminds behind the awesome A Very Zombie Holiday and nerd-gasmic Geek and Gamer Girls Song. I think my favorite however, has to be Super Harmony

Because love is SUPER!

It doesn't stop there though. Just to go that extra mile in nerdy chic, you can actually go check out Super Harmony's website and see their profile questionnaire and testimonials (just in case you know, you're looking for a radioactive chinchilla bitten, spandex clad superhero who isn't allergic to latex) Go here.

Of course, if that wasn't enough to fully titillate you, Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt of  Team Unicorn are starring in a new web series called "Sexy Nightmare Slayers" at Written by Daniel Beals and directed by Adam Green it's a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" meets "Evil Dead II".

Check out the pilot here: 

I mean seriously, how nerd-f*ing-tastic** are they?! Totally just got myself 4 new girl crushes.

you're welcome.

**coincidentally (or is it?) I also used the word "nerd" 4 times.....hmmmm *strokes imaginary beard*

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

I've been looking to repaint my master bathroom walls for awhile as the current color isn't quite cutting it for me. That's probably because I went a bit schizophrenic when I first moved in here and painted the 
materbath walls whatever random color made my inner 5 year old self happy without regard to basic concepts like "flow". As a result there's a bit of a disconnect between the bedroom and bathroom. Now that I've calmed down a bit I figured it was time to fix it. 

Seeing as how this is the second time I'll be painting this space, I wanted to create a look that worked using as little money as possible which required (mostly) using the current towels and accessories already in place. 

The bedroom's painted Teresa's Green by Farrow & Ball, a sea foam green with a hint of gray, that reminds me of an ocean lagoon the morning after a storm. Our bedding is the deliciously tropical Ralph Lauren Jamaica Paisley. Combined with a gray & white stripped rug, funky art and sea shells collected from various travels, the room has a lazy seaside bohemian vibe which offers a welcome reprieve from your average dreary Dublin day.  
1. Ralph Lauren via Macys 2. Farrow & Ball 3. Bedroom color palette 
Recently I've been all about dark colors in bathrooms. In fact just a few months ago I painted the guest bath a stormy grey after I was inspired by this bathroom. With most of my apartment being bright and airy I love the juxtaposition of having darker more grounded bathrooms. It creates a sense of balance - a bit of moodiness to counteract the playfulness.

With dark damson plum towels to work around, this wedding mood board found at Style Me Pretty initially served as a starting point for the color palette. Far too bright though, It wasn't until recently when I stumbled across this bathroom by Hillary Thomas for Lonny Mag and a-maz-ing pillow by Anthropologie that I knew I had found the look I was going for. The colors and seaside vibe that I wanted to carry on from the bedroom is still present but with a more sultry masculine edge to it. A letterpress print, few industrial touches and maybe a starfish or two and I'd say we're good to go. Once it's finished (just purchased the paint yesterday!) I'll share the results with you. 

1. style me pretty; 2. Hillary Thomas  3. The Big Harumph  4. Pillow from Anthropologie  5. Color Palette for Bathroom

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Minimal Movie Posters

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by David Andrew Lee 2. Inception by Viktor Hertz 3. Fifth Element by Mara K
For the fellow illustrator/ art/ cinephile/ cineaste/ cinemanic - or any other "cine-esq" lover - check out  Minimal Movie Posters. I'm totally crushing on the Fifth Element right now

M is for monday...or is it?

this sums up how I'm feeling today:

Why I'll Never Be An Adult
{via the awesome awesomeness that is Hyperbole and a Half}

go forth and enjoy

 or don't.


now because it's late and I'm in a bit of a giving mood (probably due to sleepless delirium. also it's really friggin hot in here. like holy batman I need to take my pants off ) here's a lil extra something sparkly for those of you who appreciate the finer things in life. now don't say I never give you anything:

Stuff White People Like

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday {art} crush

all images via Disney 
Totally crushing on  these new Disney Dream Portrait photos by the extraordinary genius that is Annie Leibovtiz 

Have a great weekend popits! There's a vodka themed Polish birthday party Friday night, a yoga workshop followed by a  Jungle Rave Saturday (they had me at "bongo drums" and  "Hakuna Matata"), and a potential road trip in store for Sunday. Hope your weekend brings you some quality downtime, playful randomness and a bit of wine. 


Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Dublin Edition} Wall & Keogh

With it's moody dark gray walls and eclectic mix of decor, Wall & Keogh in Portobello is my new favorite place to be. An organic tea shop where the owner Oliver is as knowledgeable on tea's as he is on Buenos Aires and music - which coincidently  is where he was initially going to open his shop. Lucky for me (and my fellow Dubs) he decided to stay and inject some seriously laid back cool into the area. 

Rows of glass jars filled with an almost overwhelming selection of teas (over 150 including mate!) greets you when you first walk in. The funky atmosphere, eclectic mix of retro and latin music and comfy seating nooks entice you to sit and stay awhile. There's also outdoor patio seating for those rare, but oh so beautiful, sunny Dublin days. 
The initial design concept was all Oliver's own but  with the help of the creative duo behind Think Contemporary Designs was executed flawlessly. Cleverly hung arrays of paintings, signs, antlers, masks and frames adorn the walls while vintage books and records fill up the shelves. Artwork and knick knacks were carefully curated from Oliver's own apartment, a testament to his love as travel as well as great eye for design.  
All images via Think Contemporary or Wall & Keogh
 Located in Portobello across from The Bernard Shaw and around the corner from Nelly's Cafe, the international bohemian vibe of this organic tea shop is a welcome addition to Dublin's arguably hippest neighborhood (though to be fair, since it is also my neighborhood I may be a teensy bit bias. whatever) If you're in the area come stop by and say hello!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Travel Tuesday:} Buenos Aires & Punta del Este

Last month I went to visit one of my dearest friends, V, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Going with an open heart and no expectations, I was immediately swept up in the seductive vibrancy of this European- esq South American city. With weather to die for (looove the southern hemisphere at this time of year!)  and a nightlife that would put Manhattan to shame, Buenos Aires is nothing if not a dangerously fun city. Singing the music of my night owl heart, dinners weren't had before 10pm and one didn't even think of going out before 2am. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to fully enjoy the bustling nightlife - by the time I adjusted to the time zone it was time to go!
Days were spent wandering around the delightful Recoleta Market where art, jewelry, fashion and food abounded; enjoying tango in the colorful and charming streets of La Boca; partaking in a quick photo shoot outside of the the pink Casa Rosada (where Evita Peron gave her infamous speech) in Plaza de Mayo and drinking mate in the cute Palermo Soho quarter.  
Plaza de Mayo
Houses in La Boca via Pixdaus

I must admit though that while I thoroughly enjoyed the energy that is Buenos Aires, it was the small beach town of Punta del Este in Uruguay, and in particular La Barra,  that stole my heart. 
We stayed at the darling B&B/ hostel La Lomita Del Chingolo run by the friendly and attractive Rodrigo, Alejandra and their adorable son Agustin.  
Living room of La Lomita Del Chingolo
In all of my travels, I never stayed at a place where you felt more at home than here. The first night there lovely Rodrigo prepared an asado (barbecue) for everyone staying there. New friends were made and good times were had while we dinned on scrumptious food and drank delicious wine under the balmy star lit Uruguayan sky. A night that was easily my favorite during my South American adventure. 
Best photo I managed to get of the asado...
next time I promise to take photos before consuming copious completely normal amounts wine!
Punta del Este oozed a laid back, enchanting charm that I found to be irresistible. Quaint cafes and quirky shops lined the main street, while just beyond breathtakingly stunning houses meandered through tree lined lanes only a stones through from the beach. Whether strolling the white sandy shores or wandering through the most incredible light filled studio/ gallery while casually chatting with the artist himself, I could not get enough of this delightful town. 
Incredible studio & gallery of Zuloaga
 With only 7 days spent there in total, my South American trip, while lovely, served as merely a teaser until the day I can get back down there. Truth be told I couldn't have asked for a more amazing trip - and the fact that I got to spend it with one of my best friends who I hadn't seen in 2 years (Hi V!) made it all the more fan-friggin-tastic. 
In front of arguably the coolest (and most colorful) wall of La Boca
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