Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

I've been looking to repaint my master bathroom walls for awhile as the current color isn't quite cutting it for me. That's probably because I went a bit schizophrenic when I first moved in here and painted the 
materbath walls whatever random color made my inner 5 year old self happy without regard to basic concepts like "flow". As a result there's a bit of a disconnect between the bedroom and bathroom. Now that I've calmed down a bit I figured it was time to fix it. 

Seeing as how this is the second time I'll be painting this space, I wanted to create a look that worked using as little money as possible which required (mostly) using the current towels and accessories already in place. 

The bedroom's painted Teresa's Green by Farrow & Ball, a sea foam green with a hint of gray, that reminds me of an ocean lagoon the morning after a storm. Our bedding is the deliciously tropical Ralph Lauren Jamaica Paisley. Combined with a gray & white stripped rug, funky art and sea shells collected from various travels, the room has a lazy seaside bohemian vibe which offers a welcome reprieve from your average dreary Dublin day.  
1. Ralph Lauren via Macys 2. Farrow & Ball 3. Bedroom color palette 
Recently I've been all about dark colors in bathrooms. In fact just a few months ago I painted the guest bath a stormy grey after I was inspired by this bathroom. With most of my apartment being bright and airy I love the juxtaposition of having darker more grounded bathrooms. It creates a sense of balance - a bit of moodiness to counteract the playfulness.

With dark damson plum towels to work around, this wedding mood board found at Style Me Pretty initially served as a starting point for the color palette. Far too bright though, It wasn't until recently when I stumbled across this bathroom by Hillary Thomas for Lonny Mag and a-maz-ing pillow by Anthropologie that I knew I had found the look I was going for. The colors and seaside vibe that I wanted to carry on from the bedroom is still present but with a more sultry masculine edge to it. A letterpress print, few industrial touches and maybe a starfish or two and I'd say we're good to go. Once it's finished (just purchased the paint yesterday!) I'll share the results with you. 

1. style me pretty; 2. Hillary Thomas  3. The Big Harumph  4. Pillow from Anthropologie  5. Color Palette for Bathroom

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