Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tartan Love

Lately I've noticed my sense of style evolving. Color palettes, patterns and textures that once upon a time I would have never considered, I'm now strangely pulled too. I find myself yearning more and more to switch things up, take risks, redefine myself. The other week ago I stumbled across a beautiful hooded plaid coat so opposite of my usual style and yet so damn perfect. Heaven only knows where I found it though, for the life of me I haven't been able to find it again sense.  I had all but forgotten about it when wouldn't you know that today I stumbled across another gorgeous tartan coat  (which I bookmarked this time thankyouverymuch). While granted it would be most impractical here in Dublin,  I simply adore the shape, the bell sleeves, the buckle detailing and the oversized hood. I mean really what's not to love?  I'm not sure I can justify the price to S. Monster enough to warrant a purchase that I won't get much use out of at the moment however, I can't deny that clearly this infatuation with hooded tartan coats isn't going away anytime soon....

{Coat Images via Anthropologie and This is Glamorous}

Sunday, December 5, 2010

5 Things...

...that make me happy right now:
{Late night zombie killings with S. Monster}

{Snow in Dublin! via Peter McCabe}

{The movie Elf, because smiling is my favorite}
{Mulled Cider shared among friends via the oh so wonderful JoseD}
{Hanging up Christmas Lights }

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Wish List

With Dublin currently under a constant bombardment of snow and sleet, today was the perfect day to stay snuggled up under the blankets and do a bit of online Christmas shopping. Of course after I finished a bit of gift getting, I couldn't resist sharing a roundup of some goodies I've been coveting - a little wish list if you will ;)

As the weather continues to plummet here, all I really want for Christmas are warm layers  to snuggle up in.  This 'Navajo' sweater from Free People is adorable - the bright colors and long length make this the perfect sweather to cheer up those dreary Dublin nights. Add this oh so soft cashmere sweater from JCrew underneath and I'm good to go!

 Of course a fabulous new pair of boots would help complete the look. I've been searching for a great  pair of tall riding boots and the rich cognac color of these Miz Mooz 'King' Boots could definitely fit the bill, though the lace detail and western influcence on these Franco Sarto 'Ponzi' Boots is so sweet as well. Even though they're not boots, these Miz Mooz's 'Historic' Oxfords are too damn cute to pass up. The two tone detail just puts a smile on my face. How could you have a bad day wearing these?

Truthfully though, these super cute Sorel Tivoli Plaid Snowboots are what I really need for this slushy cold weather!  That and perhaps a new super warm North Face Solar Flare fleece to zip up in my jacket :)

Because it wouldn't be a wish list without a few pretties, and because anyone who knows me can attest that I am obsessed with acessories, here  are a few pieces I'm currently drooling over.

I am in love with the new Ray-Ban's small Wayfarer in 'Satin Black'. When I tried this pair on in the store I found it hard to take them off. The color is not only flattering on all skin tones - which will help when I can hopefully  transition from currently goth pale {Thanks Dublin!} to bronzed beach bum again one day - but they're also simply gorgeous in an "I'm not trying" kind of way.

Recently I've totally been digging incorporating more steam punk elements into my fashion. This ring by Etsy seller BillyBlue22 is perfect. Oversized and masculine I am loving all the gear detail. I've been looking for a funky tough ring in sterling and this has both of those qualities in spades!

Speaking of steam punk, I saw these Linear Eclipse Earrings with Hematite earrings recently in Rebecca Davis and have not been able to stop thinking about them! By my new favorite kick ass designer Kara Ross they have a sweet juxisption of being one part edgy, one part elegant for a one of kind industrial chic look.
Also from Rebecca Davis (one of all time favorite jewerly stores which just so happens to be here in Dublin) is a fabulous oversized jade cocktail ring by Kenneth Jay Lane. I wasn't able to find the exact one I fell in love with in the store, but suffice to say it's like the shape of his Snake Print Ring and the color of his Jade Pyramid  Ring 

Because one of the best things about living in Europe is the traveling and since airlines constantly keep decreasing weight/ baggage restriction, this cute new LeSportSac Large Weekender Bag in Mochuco is the perfect addition to S and I's travel repertoire.

Finally if all else fails, there will always be books. With the recent purchase of a Kindle my book buying has greatly diminished (which as someone living in another country who keeps moving every few years, this is probably a good thing) however I will never give up my passion for books- especially those filled with gorgeous art and design spreads. These art and design books have been on my list for awhile and I would most definitely be willing to pay the exorbitant postage/overweight baggage fees just to have these beauties on my table.

Lady Mechanika

From the creative genius of Joe Benitez comes the all new Lady Mechanika. Steeped in a Steampunk genre based in turn of the century Victorian England, Lady Mechanika was the sole surviver of a serial killer's 3 year rampage. Found locked away with her own limbs having been amputated and replaced with mechanical components. With no memory of her captivity or former life, she becomes a private detective constantly searching for clues to her former life all the while taking on cases that police wouldn't dare. 

I love the idea of steampunk - a union of old and new, a romantic vision that embodies the grace of an era long gone and the technological advances of the greatest sci-fi stories. Combine that with a sexy strong female in comic form - which as anyone who knows me can attest, I am a bit of an aficionado for - and you have the makings of something that I hope is great. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda a comic book geek. The art, the stories, the way comic book shops smell of adolescent misfits and 40 year old virgins.....whats not to love?

I can still remember the very first comic I ever bought. It was the summer before seventh grade at a gas station somewhere near the Georgia/ Florida border. There, among gator skulls, bags of peaches and palm tree air fresheners were several comic books - in particular a Spiderman & Black Cat issue that caught my young wandering eye.

Something awoke in me that day thus beginning my secret love affair with comics (at least until I got past my socially awkward tomboy adolescent, then it became my not so secret love affair but I digress)

It's the art above all else that I find incredibly fascinating. I adore the graphic style and there's something about strong sexy female characters that is just so damn alluring.

I'm really looking forward to issue 1 of Lady Mechanika which comes out this month. If it lives up to even half of how amazing the cover art is, then I think it will well be worth the wait!

{Images via J Scott Campbell & Joe Benitez}
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