Friday, December 3, 2010

Lady Mechanika

From the creative genius of Joe Benitez comes the all new Lady Mechanika. Steeped in a Steampunk genre based in turn of the century Victorian England, Lady Mechanika was the sole surviver of a serial killer's 3 year rampage. Found locked away with her own limbs having been amputated and replaced with mechanical components. With no memory of her captivity or former life, she becomes a private detective constantly searching for clues to her former life all the while taking on cases that police wouldn't dare. 

I love the idea of steampunk - a union of old and new, a romantic vision that embodies the grace of an era long gone and the technological advances of the greatest sci-fi stories. Combine that with a sexy strong female in comic form - which as anyone who knows me can attest, I am a bit of an aficionado for - and you have the makings of something that I hope is great. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda a comic book geek. The art, the stories, the way comic book shops smell of adolescent misfits and 40 year old virgins.....whats not to love?

I can still remember the very first comic I ever bought. It was the summer before seventh grade at a gas station somewhere near the Georgia/ Florida border. There, among gator skulls, bags of peaches and palm tree air fresheners were several comic books - in particular a Spiderman & Black Cat issue that caught my young wandering eye.

Something awoke in me that day thus beginning my secret love affair with comics (at least until I got past my socially awkward tomboy adolescent, then it became my not so secret love affair but I digress)

It's the art above all else that I find incredibly fascinating. I adore the graphic style and there's something about strong sexy female characters that is just so damn alluring.

I'm really looking forward to issue 1 of Lady Mechanika which comes out this month. If it lives up to even half of how amazing the cover art is, then I think it will well be worth the wait!

{Images via J Scott Campbell & Joe Benitez}

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