Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Dublin Edition} Wall & Keogh

With it's moody dark gray walls and eclectic mix of decor, Wall & Keogh in Portobello is my new favorite place to be. An organic tea shop where the owner Oliver is as knowledgeable on tea's as he is on Buenos Aires and music - which coincidently  is where he was initially going to open his shop. Lucky for me (and my fellow Dubs) he decided to stay and inject some seriously laid back cool into the area. 

Rows of glass jars filled with an almost overwhelming selection of teas (over 150 including mate!) greets you when you first walk in. The funky atmosphere, eclectic mix of retro and latin music and comfy seating nooks entice you to sit and stay awhile. There's also outdoor patio seating for those rare, but oh so beautiful, sunny Dublin days. 
The initial design concept was all Oliver's own but  with the help of the creative duo behind Think Contemporary Designs was executed flawlessly. Cleverly hung arrays of paintings, signs, antlers, masks and frames adorn the walls while vintage books and records fill up the shelves. Artwork and knick knacks were carefully curated from Oliver's own apartment, a testament to his love as travel as well as great eye for design.  
All images via Think Contemporary or Wall & Keogh
 Located in Portobello across from The Bernard Shaw and around the corner from Nelly's Cafe, the international bohemian vibe of this organic tea shop is a welcome addition to Dublin's arguably hippest neighborhood (though to be fair, since it is also my neighborhood I may be a teensy bit bias. whatever) If you're in the area come stop by and say hello!


  1. love it love it love it, keep it going cariri!

  2. Oooh love it! Might be time for a trip to Dublin soon! Mate... hmm reminds me of travels in Argentina. What a fab tea shop
    - and thank you for your lovely note about my crazy wild paintings!


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