Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Travel Tuesday:} Buenos Aires & Punta del Este

Last month I went to visit one of my dearest friends, V, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Going with an open heart and no expectations, I was immediately swept up in the seductive vibrancy of this European- esq South American city. With weather to die for (looove the southern hemisphere at this time of year!)  and a nightlife that would put Manhattan to shame, Buenos Aires is nothing if not a dangerously fun city. Singing the music of my night owl heart, dinners weren't had before 10pm and one didn't even think of going out before 2am. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to fully enjoy the bustling nightlife - by the time I adjusted to the time zone it was time to go!
Days were spent wandering around the delightful Recoleta Market where art, jewelry, fashion and food abounded; enjoying tango in the colorful and charming streets of La Boca; partaking in a quick photo shoot outside of the the pink Casa Rosada (where Evita Peron gave her infamous speech) in Plaza de Mayo and drinking mate in the cute Palermo Soho quarter.  
Plaza de Mayo
Houses in La Boca via Pixdaus

I must admit though that while I thoroughly enjoyed the energy that is Buenos Aires, it was the small beach town of Punta del Este in Uruguay, and in particular La Barra,  that stole my heart. 
We stayed at the darling B&B/ hostel La Lomita Del Chingolo run by the friendly and attractive Rodrigo, Alejandra and their adorable son Agustin.  
Living room of La Lomita Del Chingolo
In all of my travels, I never stayed at a place where you felt more at home than here. The first night there lovely Rodrigo prepared an asado (barbecue) for everyone staying there. New friends were made and good times were had while we dinned on scrumptious food and drank delicious wine under the balmy star lit Uruguayan sky. A night that was easily my favorite during my South American adventure. 
Best photo I managed to get of the asado...
next time I promise to take photos before consuming copious completely normal amounts wine!
Punta del Este oozed a laid back, enchanting charm that I found to be irresistible. Quaint cafes and quirky shops lined the main street, while just beyond breathtakingly stunning houses meandered through tree lined lanes only a stones through from the beach. Whether strolling the white sandy shores or wandering through the most incredible light filled studio/ gallery while casually chatting with the artist himself, I could not get enough of this delightful town. 
Incredible studio & gallery of Zuloaga
 With only 7 days spent there in total, my South American trip, while lovely, served as merely a teaser until the day I can get back down there. Truth be told I couldn't have asked for a more amazing trip - and the fact that I got to spend it with one of my best friends who I hadn't seen in 2 years (Hi V!) made it all the more fan-friggin-tastic. 
In front of arguably the coolest (and most colorful) wall of La Boca

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