Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Fashion} Fix Thursday

I enjoy perusing fashion blogs from time to time and love seeing the creativity that comes out in one's clothing choices. I don't really follow (or believe in) "fashion trends" per say, instead taking bits from here and pieces from there that inspire new ideas. For me, fashion is about having fun and dressing up to be whoever you feel like being on any particular day. Whether it's a punk rocker, a retro housewife, or Chiquita Banana.  

While I adore blogs like cupcakes and cashmere or man repeller for their pretty eye candy, my thrift shopping unfortunately doesn't afford me the luxury of Miu Miu heels, 3.1 Phillip Lim dresses or Mulberry bags. And to be honest, even if I did have the money for those things, I still wouldn't buy them (ok, maybe I'd make an exception for a pair of Miu Miu heels). For me nuggets, money will always go first and formost to travel. Or pillows. Mostly travel though. 

That said, I'm always looking out for similar silhouettes or styles I like on a more low cost scale. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I stumbled across the oh so stylish and affordable fashion blog of Kendi Everyday. She's adorable, witty and thrifty.  Don't believe me, check out a blurb from her About Me page: 

Two years ago, I followed my husband to his hometown and decided to start a blog instead of having a baby. So far this has faired well. While our surroundings got smaller, my closet got bigger and I wanted to share my wardrobe with more than just the 5 people who saw me everyday (who were never that impressed, anyway).

I think I've found my new girl crush. I hope it doesn't get awkward.  

If you haven't already, go check out her blog. Seriously, what are you waiting for? 

{All images via Kendi Everday}

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