Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Happy Tuesday nuggets! Did you have a nice weekend?

I wanted to pop on here to say that no I haven't been attacked by zombies and yes I am still alive.

"I say old friend, this man tastes like peanuts!"

 Thanks to those of you who checked in and not so subtly told me to stop being lazy and start writing again. what are friends for if not a swift kick in the ass to get you back on track, right?

The past week or so has been full of challenges. Some exciting, some a little more anxiety causing but all a constant reminder that without the good and bad one can never grow. It took me a bit to figure that one out, but I realize now that it is my perception and reaction to a circumstance - not the circumstance itself - that causes growth.

I'm working overtime to get things done before Thursday when S. Monster and I head off to Amsterdam for some music festival fun. Posts will be scheduled while I'm away so there are a lot of great things that will pop up on the blog this week and next.

There's mega exciting news to be shared, final recap of the trip to be documented, 4 course homemade meal to brag about, art filled postcards sent out, studio sneak peeks and insights galore gleaned. Sprinkled throughout will be some inspiration and random tidbits of joy here and there.

Life 'round here is taking off, with new ventures and opportunities knocking down doors and I am so excited to share this wild, crazy, awesome ride with you. 


  1. Have fun at the music festival and I can't wait to read what you have planned for us!

  2. I feel so fortunate that you are sharing this wild, crazy, awesome ride with us. Great blog post as per usual!


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