Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Inspiration} Beautiful words...

"you can go for a walk after dark
buy only what food you feel like eating
stare into space, indefinitely.
skip breakfast, eat two lunches and have cereal for supper

you don't have to reply straight away
you don't have to make sure everyone's ok
you don't have to do the thing that makes sense
you don't have to wait and see
you don't have to jump straight in
you don't have to care
you don't have to.

look at your life. look at your life.
that's right, it's yours!
what a gift!
you don't have to listen to what they think it should look like.

that's why you were given a drum
for your own rhythm
a body
for your own dance
and wings
because you can fly, even if today you don't remember how."

To read the rest of these powerful and inspiring words go here

It's amazing, these moments of connectedness, when you see that someone is having the same thoughts, the same revelations at the same time as you. I spoke earlier of life manifestos and liberating words to live by {here} so when I read this poem, so sweet and brave, by the oh so lovely and talented Tara I had to share. 

Go visit her blog to read the rest in it's entirety. I promise you won't be disappointed. 


{image via weheartit}

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  1. You are a total sweetheart. :) I saw your manifesto and noticed the synchronicity too. Big hug to ya xxx


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