Monday, August 15, 2011

{Monday Edition} Life around here lately

Happy Monday nuggets! The past few days have been crazy. My weekend was filled with work that I could never have gotten done without the help of some amazing friends. As we kick off a new week I thought I'd share some highlights from life around here that I'm incredibly thankful for. 

{These lil guys were in our care for about a week while S. Monster and I  fostered them until they were old enough to be adopted. It broke my heart to give them back, but at least I know they've ended up in a good home. Just so you know, it took all my resistance not to flood this blog with cute kitty pics (though if I get drunk later all bets are off)}
{A shot of our "assembly line" as a group of friends pitched in to help finish clearing out the new studio space. See those lovely specs? It was so dusty in there, this was the clearest photo I could take.  Unfortantely due to several beer breaks, I forgot to take a proper group photo once we finished. Opps}
{Sunday was spent setting up for a photo shoot an incredibly talented friend of mine shot for  a few of my finished pieces. The end results will be shared in good time, but for now here's a lil sneak peek of whats to come!}
{After a long hard weekend, nothing's better than a pint and homemade pizza}

Tell me, what's making you happy today?


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