Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Things...

This past weekend was a lovely productive few days spent painting and creating. I finished up a few paintings I'd been working on and rediscovered my love of pencils. It's always been the medium I enjoy the most and am the most comfortable with but yet it's the medium that lately I've work the least with. Coming across an old sketch I did last year reminded me just how much I'd missed it. 

As we kick off a new week and month, here's to starting again, to reconnecting with that you've missed and to find joy in the little things. 

"Aspen Matthews" sketch done last year
Lovely lil reminders found while running

Peanut butter m&ms - dinner of champions

The start of a new project and a new space

I can't help but smile and break out in uncoordinated dance whenever this song plays (which lately is a lot). 


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