Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Design crush} Wedding Love

{All the lovely images via Heidi Ryder}

I've seen my fair share of wedding porn over the years, but nothing has ever left me so utterly breathless before. Not only are the bride and groom oh so cute and stylish (I love her blue cardigan and birdcage veil. And those shoes! Those shoes are the perfect blend of classic and quirky, beautiful and bold) but their entire event, down to the tinniest DIY details is simply amazing.

The venue itself is stunning.  The vintage cameras, books and framed posters that all coordinate with the cushions and linens sets my heart a flutter. The oversized button cushion? The escort cards pinned to a mannequin bust? The adorable homemade signs to wave after the ceremony? The gorgeous wreath and fantastic bride/ groom chairs? The taco bar?!? Be still my heart! It's all almost painful in it's perfection. I am so inspired by this beautifully crafted, one of a kind space I want to live here.  Heck I'm so in love with this event I want marry it and have it's little wedding babies. 

{For more images and info on this lovely affair check out Heidi Ryder and Wedding Bee

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  1. I have a wedding I need to blog about in your honour! I think you'll love it! I'll try to post tomorrow.


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