Monday, April 4, 2011


Via Ondine

The past few weeks have flown by - I can hardly believe it's already April! Here's a quick recap of what I've been up to lately: 
  • currently loving every second of the oh-so-brilliant Do What You Love e-course...
  • and working hard to try to create a small collection for the upcoming Brocante Market
  • finished the master bathroom makeover
  • hosted a brunch for 16 of our closest friends
  • enjoyed a small trip home to Florida to renew my drivers license, spend time with the parents and soak up some much needed sun
  • cemented a new friendship over a 6+ hour lunch
  • attended my first yoga retreat where I finally pulled off a backbend (I had no idea my body could bend that way!)
  • started fencing lessons with S. Monster (learning how to attack your spouse with a sword is a totally healthy outlet for marital disputes right?) 

So tell me dear reader(s) - what new and exciting adventures have you gotten up to lately?

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