Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy Brunch Sundays

In honor of S. Monster's birthday, we threw a belated brunch and board game bash for 16 of our nearest and dearest.   

Confession: I totally used my husbands birthday as an excuse to go a bit overboard in planning for this.  

But I digress. Unable to have a party without a theme (the horror!), I used things on hand as the launching point for the newly appointed 'retro bohemian does spring' event (stop judging me with your eyes). Cute (and cheap!) green goblets and plates, curtesy of T.K. Maxx, helped set the green and white tone; a charity shop found vintage drink trolley, lime name card holders, stripped napkins and fresh flowers added the final finishing touches. 
A few detailed shots of the table setting before the masses descended. Look how pretty! 
Before I continue, there's something you should know about me. Less than 2 years ago I could barely cook dinner without wreaking havoc on anyone who ate it. My own cooking literally gave me food poisoning (twice). Yes it is a sad but true tale, but all is not lost. 

Please allow me a few moments to brag, m'lady:

 With S. Monster's help, we churned out homemade granola (which I am now obsessed with!), vanilla crumb cake, banana muffins, thin mint cookies (S.'s favorite) and breakfast pizza. We also had a spinach salad, fresh bread, cheese spreads, lemon bars along with fresh fruit salads (thanks friends!) and a few quiches (thanks Marks & Spencer!) on hand to round things out.  Impressive, I know

Of course, no brunch would be complete without a few drinks of the, *ahem* alcoholic nature
 *wags eyebrows...seductively
A trio of tasty thirst quenchers - bloody marys, mimosas and "happy juice" (pink lemonade, pomegranate juice and vodka) -were on hand to dutifully wet one's palette.
I totally color coordinated my outfit to my apartment. I'm pretty bad ass like that
After brunch the games came out, the day wore on and vodka eventually ran out.  Our last guest didn't leave until almost 7 hours after we began. Surrounded by good friends and good food, it was the kind of lazy indulgent day that spring is made for. One that made my inner 1950s housewife brim with the satisfaction of a day well done.


**P.s. I'm not sure where I was going with the whole "m'lady" or "seductive eyebrow" thing, but I'm gonna pretend it leads to greatness, ice cream and unicorns. 


  1. This party was awesome. Hmmm, homemade granola...

  2. It was awesome because awesome people such as yourself were there to make it awesome!


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