Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Dublin Edition} Abseiling

View from the top. Ain't it purty?
 This past weekend the hubster and I headed out to the Dalkey Quarry (near Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel) to try our hand at abseiling.

Thanks to Adventure Agency (and a half off city deal coupon!), we met up with a group of 11 other brave souls who had forgone the usual Friday night drinking in favor of an early Saturday morning adventure to repel down a 33 meter cliff. After a 60 sec "tutorial", we one by one hopped over a lil brick wall, grabbed on to a suspiciously thin tree, balanced precariously on a foot long ledge, said a tiny prayer and then went over the edge.

Halfway down we were told to jump while simultaneously threading rope to speed up our decent. A relatively easy thing to do, yet it took me a few (pathetic) attempts before I managed to get the hang of it. To be fair though I can't really do anything that requires more than basic coordination, so it was a lot to ask while repelling down a cliff.
Wheee! Look at me not falling to my death! 
While I took my sweet 'ol time getting down, S. Monster flew down in less than 30 seconds. The damn showoff was so fast we this was the only photo we were able to get of him:
Just hold on loosely, but don't let go!
 It was far too short (we only got to go once) but if you're ever looking for a different way to start your weekend, I highly recommend checking it out. Dublin may not be known for it's mountains but there are more than enough quarries to keep things interesting. Now go repel down wit yo baaad self!


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