Friday, April 15, 2011

{Design Crush} MC Motors warehouse

I stumbled across these images of MC Motors warehouse and am completely smitten....

Via Moorsk
This space has a deliciously vintage meets industrial vibe with it's well worn walls and exposed bricks. Is it just me or does that first photo remind you of the speech therapist's room in The King's Speech (love!)? The addition of a beautifully carved lounge in a deep turquoise jewel tone, ornate mirror and chandelier add touches of glamor while a mannequin, rocket ship and light up marquee star (which I want) add just the right amount of playfulness. Finally the high loft ceilings creates such a lush sense of space and light- two attributes that I suspect are bit hard to come by in London.  

Apparently this space also retains a lot of it's original features, having been restored over the years, and can be rented out for exhibitions or events**. Personally, I think this space would be incredibly cool to host a party or wedding in and it's definitely on my list of places to check out next time I'm in London. 

**Um yea....the website I found these images on is in Japanese so I'm not entirely sure if that's still correct as I couldn't actually find the place online. Then again I have the google skills of a 5 year old so really, what do I know? 

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