Friday, April 22, 2011

{Inspiration Friday} Love will find you out

It’s okay to fall apart.
You don’t have to know the answers.
All those pieces you’ve been holding for so long while you raced around your life looking for the last roll of scotch tape, go ahead, let them fall.
Let them fall.
Every last piece.

It’s okay to scramble.
You don’t have to be calm now.
All those plans you’ve been stringing together like a macaroni necklace in kindergarten–
every last one is beautiful, so beautiful, so go ahead.
Keep grabbing at everything you ever wanted and always feared you’d never have.
Every last beautiful dream.

It’s okay to hope against hope.
This is not a time to be reasonable or rational.
Run, run as fast as you can against the tide that is crashing down now.
When the last wave sweeps over you
and every hope has been dashed
You will still be here, right here
and you will not be sorry you tried to make all your sorrows disappear....*

When it's least expected yet needed most, life has a way of delivering these exquisite magical moments. Whether in the form of a letter from a dear friend, a random note written on a wall, or a poem stumbled upon, the Universe is always there to lend a helping hand if only you're willing to look for it. These past few weeks have been filled with loads of gentle nudging and kind words and I am beyond thankful for all of it.  

As this wonderful Holiday weekend falls upon us I'm looking forward to long heartfelt conversations beneath a blanket fort, random sun filled wanderings and letting my creative spirit soar. 


*Excerpt from "Love Will Find you Out". Go read the rest of this beautiful and inspiring poem by Jen Lemen Here

{picture via Rafael}

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