Saturday, June 25, 2011

{Prague} let's start at the beginning....

There is something deliciously dark and offbeat about Prague. Beneath the heavily tourist scene that crowds the St. Vitus Cathedral and storms the Charles Bridge, beats the heart of a deceptively hip city.

It’s a juggernaut of culture where classical meets contemporary and the mundane meets the enigmatically eccentric. Here is a place where giant bronzed babies crawling up a giant TV antenna compete with medieval bridges and gold tipped towers for the center of attention in the cities skyline. Yet despite that, or perhaps because of, Prague never takes itself too seriously. With it’s seamless blending of baroque, art nouveau, gothic and modern architecture painted in pretty shades of pastel colors, it has a style all its own.

Which is your favorite? A style to suit every taste
Afternoons were spent wandering the narrow cobbled stone streets,exploring the church of bones and getting lost in one of the most hauntingly beautiful cemeteries I’ve ever seen.
Inspired by the dynamic art nouveau stained glass
Finding beauty in death
From dust to dust, eternal slumber
Meandering afternoon walks gave way to decadent nights out. An anything goes policy reigns supreme and with some clubs not opening until 4am, this is a city where you can definitely party as hard as you like. The abundance of good cheap food kept us full, happy and hangover free as we took in all that the city had to offer.
Cross Club: a visual feast for the senses and way too cool for school. Sorry my crappy iphone photo doesn't do it justice!
Not a porn shop. Just your average run of the mill grocery store...
I loved his grooving ways

Prague is a vibrant and edgy city. One that takes everything with a grain of salt and a shot of Becherovka. Ah, Becherovka, you tasted like Christmas but burned like hell!

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  1. Oh. My. God. I so want to go to Prague. My list of places to visit next summer keeps growing! Dublin, England, Greek Islands and now Prague! Whatever will I do?? You should write a travel guide. Seriously. Love your writing.


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