Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Angry Old Man,

I was just trying to go about my business. I wasn't hurting anyone by trying to make a right hand turn. You saw me sitting there with my blinker on and could have easily let me pull out before trying to turn in. Or even better, you could have driven 10 seconds down the street to the next road to turn onto.

But nooooo

You had to be an asshole and block me in.

Seriously it was 10am in the morning - did you really need to pull in 5 inches from my car, put yours in park, block traffic, get out of your car and start screaming at me that you were going to call the cops because I was in your way?

Congrats on graduating top of your class from Douche-bag University but get over yourself old man. Was it worth all that effort just to prove a petty point?

Listen up Lucius Malfoy -  the next time you get your tighty whities in a twist, do me a favor and go
blow smoke up someone else's ass.
much love,

EDIT: Holy mother of pearl I misspelled "Malfoy"!!! I hang my head in Harry Potter shame. This is what I get for drinking and posting....hmm...I should really stop doing that...  Thanks to J for pointing it out . You get a gold star AND a cookie! xx


  1. yay! I love cookies.

  2. Stupid, mean, old man! You need a taser gun so your prepared, should you run into him again. Was that too far? Hope your day got better.

  3. I second the taser comment. Make the man dance!


Thanks for showing some love :)

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