Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I meant to write this yesterday but our weekend seemed to stretch into Monday, and I kinda forgot....so yea. You're getting it now (get excited) 

It was a sun filled 3 days filled with good company, good food and good weather (It was so warm I didn't have to wear a jacket! Yippee!)

Now because ya'll are the best little nuggets around, but mostly because I actually remembered to capture things (go me!), here's lil photo recap of the highlights ...
Dublin gay pride parade. Loud, colorful, fabulous. In other words, just what you would expect
Awesome artsy friends, tequilla and Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art school. What's not to love?

Dinner at one of my all time favorite restaurants in Dublin - nay, the world. Ravin pizza man may have something to do with it.

Long leisurely walks around the neighborhood followed by Ben & Jerry's "Coconutterly Fair."
'Nuff said

So tell me dear readers - what did you get up to this weekend? 

EDITORS NOTE: So the video I'm trying to upload doesn't seem to be working...anyone know how to fix that? I am Spartacus! I am warrior of technology! 

Who knew google could be so helpful? :) 

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  1. Saturday was so much fun. I'm down for next month's Dr Sketchy's for sure. I'll bring the "Coconutterly Fair" ;)


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