Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me: I am a failure! *dramatically flops on the bed*

S. Monster: what are you talking about?

Me: I didn't accomplish all the goals I set for myself this week. I suck at life. I'm never going to make it!

S. Monster:  Is feeling bad for yourself really helping anything? What would make you feel better right now

Me: punching you in the face

S. Monster: .......

S. Monster: that wasn't quite the answer I was looking for. Try again

Me: er, umm, maybe actually starting on the work that still needs to be done?

S. Monster: Yea! It's early, you can get almost everything you had listed done today. You can still meet your goals. You just need to commit to doing them and then do it!

Me: I hate it when you make sense and use logic against me.

S. Monster: see baby, this is what happens when you marry someone awesome.

Me: *sigh* ain't that the truth......

Me: can I still punch you in the face though?


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