Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

I returned from my Eastern Europe backpacking adventure last week and am excited to get back into the swing of things. There's so much to catch up on - I missed all you lil blog readin' nuggets!
sunrise over Budapest
I think I may oversold myself a bit on the whole "blogging on the road idea."  To be fair I did try but with the technological know-how of an embryo it just wasn't gonna happen. Trying to figure out how to do it on the iphone made my head hurt.  I needed a real computer with a decent wifi connection. Unfortunately, since I spent my money on shiny objects and ice cream, I needed one with free high speed internet access which, let's be honest, wasn't really offered in the hostels we frequented (know what I'm sayin?) 
Eastern Europe's Finest Hostel
I tried to get caught up in my writing once I got back, but every time I sat down I found myself facing writers block. With so much to talk about, how do you sit down to write if you have no idea where to begin?! As the days went by, I started feeling guilty for not writing. As the guilt grew, the list of things to write grew, and the anxiety over the need to now whip out a witty masterpiece to distract from my noticeable absence grew. 

It finally dawned on me that there is no need for the guilt or anxiety. It was all in my head, and I realized it didn't matter that I didn't know what to write about, I just needed pick something and start. Not knowing takes time, but making a choice - thats instant - and in that instant is power. The longer I put off figuring out what to write about the longer I gave those poo throwing gremlins in my head more power. It doesn't matter that it's not witty or thought provoking or even very good. You just gotta do it.

So here I am. Doing it and I'm not gonna lie, there's an 80% chance of  random and chaotic posts gracing these pages over the next few weeks. I can't promise that these posts will arrive in any sort of logical and comprehensible order. I also can't can promise that future posts may or may not include a reenactment of the Goonies, a rapping rabbit and robot zombies.

I can however promise that I'm ready to hit the ground a running all nimbly bimbly like...or at least make a feeble attempt at limping really, really quickly. Holy cactus batman, I worked out for 4 days last week after doing nothing for a month and I'm having lots of issues (more so than usual) with basic movements such as walking, opening the fridge and putting on pants. Thank zeus for elastic waistbands! 
Truth bomb!

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  1. I love the way you write. You are so funny! Isn't it crazy how we have to beat ourselves up so much about not writing! Takes a lot to let go to it!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. I told Euan you thought his music was 'deadly'. He laughed! Not sure if you got my return comments. Sometimes i just hit the reply button but I'm never 100% sure if it gets there so I'm interested to hear!

    Anyway I will look forward to hearing more about your travels.


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