Sunday, May 8, 2011

{Design crush} Flaming Lips psychedelic pad

Wayne Coyne, frontman of acclaimed rock band The Flaming Lips,  recently renovated his Oklahoma compound, and the new one-of-a-kind space is a delightfully trippy assault on your senses. Constructed by Fitzsimmons Architects, the use of color, reclaimed materials and innovative design creates a funky and eclectic vibe that fuses functionality with playful imagination, rock-n-roll sensibility and psychedelic flair. 

From the Gaudiesque bathroom pod, to the mirror tiled tunnel leading into an outer space meets Supperclub themed bedroom and the Moooi ceiling light in the shape of a spider that dominates the kitchen, this home is sheer pop art awesomeness. A Dali, Gaudi, Warhol mash up that leaves me nothing short of inspired. 

photos via New York Times and Fitzsimmons Architects

For more details check out the New York Time's article here
For before photos and more sensory overload check out Fitzsimmons Architects


  1. After seeing the Flaming Lips live a couple of times, it comes as no surprise to me that his house looks like this! They use massive brightly colored bouncy balls as props!

  2. What an awesome pad - love the fireplace.


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