Thursday, May 26, 2011

Around here lately...

Things have been a bit crazy (in the good way. Not in the psycho killer way) There was a 4 day incredible creative art retreat in the gorgeous Yorskhire countryside.

pizza and pints with a dear friend.

 a 7 hour adventure race running, cycling, orienteering and abseiling around Dublin Saturday and a yummy 10 course meal at a cool lil new pop up restaurant Sunday

 a few tiny paintings

and, now an upcoming 3 week Eastern Europe backpacking adventure (that started yesterday!)

sorry for the crappy photos - I'm currently blogging on the road in Prague. I was going to post this before I left but that required way to much forward planning and that much thinking hurts my head. Also I procrastinated. my bad. I also kinda accidentially deleted most of the photos off my phone that I needed so yea....this is all you're getting

I'm gonna try to get this whole blogging via phone/email thing so I apologize in advance for random formatting nip(ple) slips.



  1. You go girl! How awesome, blogging remotely. I'm impressed with your tech savvy. Looks like a crazy, busy, awesome couple of weeks for you since the retreat!

  2. Ahhh off on more adventures, that's the spirit! So lovely to meet you at the retreat


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