Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To the extreme

If you happen to follow me on twitter you might have noticed that last week I started the P90x program. I debated mentioning anything on here, as despite surviving the first week, I'm still 87.23% certain I'm going to die before I reach day 90. But really, what's the point in failing if no public humiliation is involved? 

These past few months I've been anything but consistent when it comes to eating clean and working out. There's been several failed attempts to resuscitate some semblance of a routine but nothings really worked until now. 

I know I need some sort of structure to kick my ass into shape and that's exactly what P90x does. 

So far in week 2 day 11, I'm in a constant state of soreness, but not so much that I've lost basic functions like being able to dress myself or pee. I take it as a good sign. Gotta relish those small victories. 

Aside from being in great shape what I'm really looking forward at the end of all this is finally having amazing abs of awesomeness. True story: when I was younger (read: last month) I used to draw a six pack on with eyeliner. I'm hoping that after these 90 days I'll have a six pack that draws itself on....   
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  1. How's the P90x going? I did the Body for Life for quiet awhile trying to get ready to do P90x. Loved it!


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